Top Gun Tactical Weapons will set the selling price for all consignments using “Bluebook” values or current market values. This ensures that the consignee and the customer are getting a fair price. When your firearm sells we take a %25 commission fee from the sale price of the firearm before paying the listing fees, selling fees and shipping & packaging costs of the sale. We then send you the remaining balance. Rather than selling your gun directly to a gun or pawn shop, placing your firearm on consignment through Top Gun allows you to make the most money. We do all the work for you so you do not have to worry about the paper work, advertising, phone calls, emails, or gun showing. You will not get paid until the gun sells. However, since we do not know how long this can take, we only offer 90 day terms.

We will make every effort to sell your gun at a fair price.

How consignment works:

Contact us and let us know what you would like to sell. We will agree upon a selling price and you will need to agree to our Terms and Conditions. You will need to sign a sales agreement receipt to transfer the firearm and any accessories (magazines, original box, optics, owner’s manual, etc.) over to us so we can put it on consignment for sale.

For example: We sold a Long Gun
If your firearm is sold for $1000.00, the commission fee is $250.00 plus the cost of shipping. If shipping is $30.00, the FFL transfer fee is $35.00 and we used Pay Pal at 3%.

The total breakdown is as follows:
$1000.00 sale of the firearm
$250.00 commission fee
$30.00 shipping & insurance
$35.00 FFL transfer fee
$30.00 Pay Pal processing fees.
The total expenses would be $345.00
$1000.00 – $345.00 = $655.00 to the customer.

Should you change your mind about selling your firearm or it does not sell, you can pick up your property.

Upon pickup, you must be properly licensed and you will be required to fill out a Federal Form 4473 and pass a Federal NICS Background Check as if you were purchasing a new firearm from us.

**Please Note: if you are selling your firearm and it SELLS before you change your mind, it will NOT be returned.

All sales are final.
There is no charge for these services if your firearm does not sell, except for any listing or selling fees that we may have incurred.


Please go to the Document Downloads page located at the bottom of our web site for the required customer acceptance
PDF document that needs to be signed and sent back to Top Gun for this service.