FFL Transfers

FFL Transfers

If an inbound FFL transfer service is needed, prior approval is required in the way of an e-mail or phone call to Top Gun Tactical Weapons.
Transfers will not take place until they are approved by a Top Gun Tactical Weapons employee.
If an outbound transfer service is needed, Top Gun Tactical Weapons will only ship to a valid FFL Licensed dealer.
Firearms will not be sent to an individual unless they possess this license.
It is up to the buyer to have their transferring FFL dealer contact us to send a copy of their license and to make shipping arrangements with us.
It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the firearm they are purchasing is legal to own or posses in their state.  Check your local and state laws before you make a purchase.
Firearms and serialized items are not returnable. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information about returns.  

Fees for this service are as follows.
Pistols $40.00
Lower Receivers or Frames $35.00
Long Guns $35.00
NICS check $20.00
Miscellaneous items (such as Ammo transfers) $20.00
These fees are PER ITEM and subject to NYS Sales Tax. These fees are nonrefundable.

Example: if you transfer a pistol and ammo, the pistol fee is $40.00 plus a $20.00 fee for the ammo.

Total of $60.00 plus NYS sales tax. on the transfer fee amount (not your original purchase amount)

You are also required to pass a Federal Form 4473 NICS Background Check.

Failure to pass the Federal Form 4473 NICS Background Check will incur a $35.00 processing fee.

Top Gun Tactical Weapons does NOT charge a transfer fee when buying a firearm from us.
We offer competitive pricing and encourage you contact us first for a price quote or price match.

All outbound firearm transfers will incur a handling fee of $35.00 plus shipping costs.

If a customer is shipping their firearm to a licensed FFL through a private sale, etc., the customer must provide all proper packaging. If packaging is not provided, the item will not ship.

Top Gun is NOT liable for any damages of any kind during inbound or outbound transfers.

Customer assumes all responsibility for this service.

There is NO WARRANTY on transferred guns.

Please go to the Document Downloads page located at the bottom of our web site for the required customer acceptance
PDF document that needs to be signed and sent back to Top Gun for this service.